Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day & More Holidays & Celebrations for September

Yes, I'm laboring on Labor Day just for you! Life around our household has been a little crazy this past week. My husband lacerated a knuckle and severed a tendon in the process. As a result, he lost both part-time job and will be having surgery early Tuesday AM!  Sorry, I've been so hit and miss!

Well, I know personally, both my husband & I like September because we're both September babies! Our birthdays are 4 days apart. Oh, and 3 years years!

Now to some things you might want to include in your month.

  •  2--VJ Day
  •  5--Cheese Pizza Day
  •  6--Read a Book Day
  •  9--Grandparents' Day
  • 10--Sewing Machine Day
  • 11--Patriot Day
  • 12--National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • 13--National Peanut Day
  • 14--National Cream-filled Donut Day
  • 15--Make a Hat Day
  • 16--Mexican Independence Day
  • 17--Constitution Day--US Constitution signed in 1787
  • 18--National Play Dough Day
  • 19--International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • 21--Miniature Gold Day
  • 22--Elephant Appreciation Day & First Day of Fall
  • 23--Checkers Day
  • 25--National Comic Book Day
  • 26--Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman born 1775
  • 28--Native American Day
  • 29--William the Conqueror invaded England 1066
  • 30--National Mulled Cider Day

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