Monday, September 17, 2012

Slpelnig Is Not Taht Ipmrontat.---Post about spelling review

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Today's my day at Home Educating Family Blog! It's about spelling review.

Hvae you seen tihs bforee? As lnog as the fsrit and lsat lterers are in the smae palce, you can siltl raed waht is witretn.
Cool. Huh? Even if that fact is true, we cannot let spelling slide. Spelling is important, and spell check is nice, but definitely not reliable. We must trudge through teaching and reviewing spelling. I suppose the use of the word “trudge” gives you an idea of my feelings about spelling. I had to work hard to do well in spelling when I was in school. I remember the hours I spent copying the words over and over in class and the hours (literally) I spent drilling the words the night before the test.
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Sennie said...

I learned all my English words by memorization.. Now teaching spelling is fun. Not:)
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